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9 Tips that Make It Easier to Take Your Medicine

Author: Kathleen Bryant, Clinical Pharmacist Sometimes a spoonful of sugar doesn’t help the medicine go down. It can be hard to swallow pills and remember to take them every day. Knowing how to take your medication, when to take it and what to do if you skip a dose can be a challenge. The challenge…

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5 Pharmacy Myths Busted

By: Jennifer Howder, Pharm.D., BCOP, Clinical Pharmacist Patients rarely get the opportunity to see what goes on behind pharmacy doors, which is why there are misconceptions about pharmacies and pharmacy staff. Our team wanted to debunk some common myths by sharing the facts. Myth: Pharmacists just count pills all day. Fact: Pharmacists do so much more!…

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11 Medication Travel Tips from an Amber Pharmacy Nurse

By: Michele, RN, OCN, Amber Pharmacy Clinical Nurse Summer is in full swing and many of us are trying to squeeze in a quick getaway before fall arrives. We all deserve a break from the day to day but when your routine changes, it can make managing your medication regimen tough. It’s easy to miss doses,…

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