Collaborating to discover solutions.

Why partner with Amber Specialty Pharmacy?

Our partnerships are built on innovation and collaboration. We offer clinical excellence and individualized support to patients with chronic, complex and rare conditions.

The culture at Amber Specialty Pharmacy sets us apart from other specialty pharmacies. Our team of compassionate experts offer partnerships that exceed market expectations.


Able to make decisions with transparency and honesty.

Innovative & Solutions-based

Extensive experience building sophisticated programs for manufacturers, with the ability to offer clinical trial transition.

Superior Service

We strive to have the best service in the industry and provide customized services to fit the needs of each manufacturer.

Patient-centered Model of Care

Dedicated team of experts to support the physical and emotional needs of our patients.

Robust Payer Network

Strong and growing access to payers.

REMs Capable

Diligently passed every annual audit since 2010.

Amber Specialty Pharmacy was a poster child for a launch partner. They then exclusively helped us with the largest OLE/EAP patient transition to commercial dispense.

J. Krol - VP Market Access and Payer Strategy, Greenwich Biosciences


State Medicaid Access


Net Promoter Score


Patient Satisfaction

Data Driven

Data-driven to Boost Patient Adherence

Data is key. We continue to advance in technology with our dedicated in-house IT team. We deliver customized high-quality data and analytics to manufacturers.

  • Referral Status
  • Competitive Data
  • Clinical and QOL Assessments
  • Triage
  • Adverse Events

Timely, Accurate Reporting

Our collaboration with data aggregators and HUB partners enables us to provide timely reports to manufacturers as often as needed. You can count on us for accuracy, flexibility and outstanding onboarding.

Timely Reporting
Artificial Intelligence

Using Artificial Intelligence for Proactive Interventions

We used machine learning to develop a proprietary technology model that predicts and identifies non-adherent patients. Our technology analyzes 15 points of historical data to identify at-risk patients. This means we can proactively boost patient adherence with increased and targeted engagement.

Amber Specialty Pharmacy Specialties


We offer condition-specific Centers of Excellence (COE) that are organized around the patient.

Our Promise to Patients

Some pharmacies only dispense medication but we offer our patients a whole-health approach to care beyond their medication needs. This is why we developed the Promises™ Program. This program offers proprietary educational resources, emotional and psychosocial support, and nutritional guidance to patients and caregivers.

Our Background

Amber Specialty Pharmacy was founded in 1998 with a focus on the transplant patient population. We were a pioneer in specialty pharmacy, starting with just one location and seven patients. Over the years, our clinical expertise has grown to support patients in many chronic, complex and rare/orphan conditions. We now serve patients in all 50 states, plus Puerto Rico.

In 2014, we were acquired by Hy-Vee, Inc., an $11 billion supermarket retailer. Hy-Vee has over 265 stores in the mid-west region, and industry recognition for their superior service and dedication to health and wellness. With the support of our parent company, we have resources available to fund our innovation and growth in the specialty pharmacy market.

About Us
Our Background

Manufacturers Enjoy Working With Us

You can count on us to offer ongoing support, even after your medications launch. We are just one call away.



We would like to learn about previous treatment regimens of patients utilizing our medications.


Amber Specialty Pharmacy

I will have our IT team report these fields to you.



What are we seeing for payer coverage requirements?


Amber Specialty Pharmacy

Our PA team is closely monitoring daily updates on payer coverage changes and these are noted on the individual payer records in our dispensing system.



Can you customize an adherence program for patients on our medication?


Amber Specialty Pharmacy

Of course. I can tell you some of the medication adherence programs we have used for similar products.



We are developing a referral form and would like your input.


Amber Specialty Pharmacy

I would recommend you have a section for the initial dosing and a section for the maintenance dosing.


Amber Specialty Pharmacy is headquartered in Omaha, NE and serves patients in all 50 states, including Alaska and Hawaii.


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