A Comprehensive Specialty Pharmacy Transplant Program

Successfully Navigate Your Health Journey

Welcome to Amber Specialty Pharmacy’s transplant program. Over the next several months, we’ll walk you through the necessary steps for long-term success.

Lean on our guidance to manage side effects and ensure you pay as little as possible for your medications.

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Transplant Services You Won’t Find at Traditional Pharmacies

Unlike other medications from your local pharmacy, transplant medications are unique and have complex side effects. It is critical to your long-term success to work with a pharmacy team who has deep transplant experience.

Our pharmacists undergo extensive training in transplant care. We also take the time to your questions, whereas other pharmacies rely on quick patient interaction.

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Access to Industry Experts

No question is too big or small. Receive prompt and reliable advice from our expert transplant pharmacists — 24/7 throughout your health journey.

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Easier Medication Management

Order refills, check the status of your medication deliveries, pay bills, and set up reminders to take your pills – all through our patient mobile app.

Conquer New Milestones Each Month

It’s common to have many questions throughout your transplant health journey.  Through this program, we’ll explore essential topics that will keep you –and your caregiver– on the right track post-transplant.

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Topics Covered in the Program

  • Steps to ensure you pay as little as possible for your medications
  • Ways to simplify your medication management routine
  • Personalized nutrition plans to support your organ health
  • Side-effect management

Get Your Free Consultations Today

  • Schedule a call with one of our billing specialists or call 888-370-1724. We’re experts in uncovering every available option to slash out-of-pocket expenses.
  • Schedule a free dietitian consultation. Book immediately here or schedule through the form below. We’ll evaluate your diet and help you form a plan that best supports your health.
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