Kevin Combs Joins Amber Pharmacy as Senior Vice President of Sales and Business Development

Author: Amber Pharmacy Kevin Combs

Kevin Combs joins Amber Pharmacy and its sister company Hy-Vee Pharmacy Solutions (HPS) as the Senior Vice President of Sales and Business Development. With a diverse background and over 30 years of experience, he looks forward to bringing a fresh perspective to Amber Pharmacy.

“I joined Amber Pharmacy because I believe in their mission to provide exceptional, personalized patient care,” said Kevin. “I want to work for a company that really cares about patients, somewhere where I can make a difference. That’s Amber Pharmacy.”

Kevin began his career at Merck & Co., Inc. where he was Rookie of the Year and a top sales representative in America. From Merck, Kevin transitioned to IBM.  At IBM he earned recognition working with large accounts like Walmart, Sprint, Boeing, Raytheon and Cessna. From IBM, Kevin joined a small startup called ScriptPro. When Kevin started with ScriptPro, it was headquartered in a garage.  During his time there, he helped the company grow to thousands of customers all 50 U.S. states and multiple countries around the world. The company is still thriving today. After 14 years at ScriptPro, Kevin joined another startup company called TelePharm, which is a pioneer in remote pharmacy technology. After successfully growing the company, it was eventually acquired by a major healthcare solutions company.

Positioned for Success in a Dynamic Specialty Pharmacy Industry

Kevin is excited to build upon his diverse background and years of experience as he leads Amber Pharmacy’s Sales and Business Development teams. When asked about his vision for the company’s growth, Kevin sees tremendous opportunity.

“Amber Pharmacy is poised to continue its success in the rapidly changing specialty pharmacy industry for three main reasons,” said Kevin. “The first reason is Amber Pharmacy’s nationwide presence, which gives us broad access to patients and providers. Amber Pharmacy is also positioned well to become an industry leader because of our reputation as a respected independent specialty pharmacy with over 20 years of experience providing exceptional patient care. Finally, Amber Pharmacy has the full support of its parent company, Hy-Vee, Inc. Hy-Vee has developed its own impressive reputation in retail pharmacy and was recently named the 2018 Retailer of the Year by Drug Store News.”

Focusing on Amber Pharmacy’s Patient-Centered Approach to Specialty Pharmacy

“At Amber Pharmacy, we do things differently,” said Kevin. “Patient care is our primary focus. With Amber Pharmacy, every patient receives personalized care. Everyone on the Amber Pharmacy team wants to make sure our patients get the best possible care. This translates directly to exceptional service and better overall patient outcomes.”

Kevin shares Amber Pharmacy’s patient-centered focus and understands the importance of personalized care. Amber Pharmacy dispenses life-saving medication and helps people manage chronic conditions through comprehensive patient support services. Although the specialty pharmacy industry is changing rapidly, Amber Pharmacy’s commitment to delivering exceptional patient care never will. Condition-specific Centers of Excellence allow Amber Pharmacy’s clinical team to become familiar with the nuances of specialty medications and complex conditions.

It takes a team of dedicated, compassionate people to achieve Amber Pharmacy’s high level of service. Everyone plays an important role in helping patients achieve the best possible outcomes, and Kevin recognizes the commitment of Amber Pharmacy team members.

“I believe every Amber Pharmacy employee contributes to the company’s success,” said Kevin. “No matter what your role is, you can impact patient lives and make a difference.”


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