Compassionate Thinking Leads Pharmacist to Hand-deliver Critical Medications

When winter weather caused trouble across the country in late February, the effects were felt far beyond just where the storms hit. Thousands of deliveries were delayed due to grounded planes and road closures.

When Don Torman, Pharmacist in Charge at our Charleston, West Virginia location learned that infant twins were due for their next dose of Synagis, he started tracking the package and speaking with the babies’ nurses every day. The good news was the medication had been shipped. The bad news, though, was that it had already been delayed for three days leading up to the twins’ appointment.

Synagis is a monthly injection used to prevent respiratory syncytial virus (RSV). RSV is an infection that can have a serious impact on high-risk babies, such as those born premature or who have existing lung and heart issues.

Without regular on-time injections of Synagis, the twins health could be critically impacted. So while Don was relieved to see an update showing the medications would get to his location late on a Thursday, he knew he had to take matters into his own hands.

“Ultimately, I knew it would be best to hand deliver the package to the physician on Friday so they had it in time for the Monday morning treatment.” said Don.

Driving one hour each way, Don did just that – delivering both the medication and relief for the family.

We are proud that our employees, like Don, make patient-focused decisions every day. It’s what sets Amber Specialty Pharmacy apart from other pharmacies: our personalized care and independent thinking allow us to improve the lives of patients and providers everywhere.

Much like West Virginia, you can find this level of commitment at all our locations. In fact, an Amber Specialty Pharmacy location may be closer than you think. Check out our national network of 21 locations here.

You can also read more about our culture here.

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