Fertility Pricing and Financing

Fertility Drug Pricing

Follistim AQ 300 IU cartridge $308.00 / Vial
Follistim AQ 600 IU cartridge $616.00 / Vial
Follistim AQ 900 IU cartridge $924.00 / Vial
Ganirelix 250mc//0.5ml Sol $89.00 / Syringe
Pregnyl 10000 IU Vial $101.49 / Vial



ReUnite Assist Program

ReUnite Assist is a financial assistance program for patients undergoing fertility treatments. ReUnite Assist program allows qualifying patients to apply for need-based assistance.  Click HERE for more information.

Finance Options

Financial solutions for fertility treatment coming soon

We've Got You Covered

Amber Pharmacy accepts all forms of prescription medication coverage. This includes billing private insurance, Medicare Parts B & D, most Medicaid plans, special assistance programs and insurance cards.


We will determine the order of payers to ensure medications are billed correctly. If patients are covered by more than one plan, Amber Pharmacy uses all benefits available. This ensures patients receive the maximum coverage.

Financial Support

We understand medications can be costly. Our team helps patients research financial aid options, so they can focus their time and energy on their health and well-being. This includes working directly with manufacturers to apply co-pay cards. We also work with grants and foundations to help patients apply for financial help.

"Our account coordinator and billing specialists have always been helpful, professional, and on top of everything. I simply can't say enough good things about Amber Pharmacy and the staff. Each individual is always pleasant, professional, and competent. They are always on top of my husband's medication needs and addressing any and all issues. Thank you so much for everything you have done and the wonderful care that is always provided."


— Amber Pharmacy Patient


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