A Positive Impact in Home Infusion Therapy: Meet Jennifer at Amber Specialty Pharmacy, Dallas

Jennifer at Amber Pharmacy Dallas

Home infusion therapy has experienced significant growth in recent years with more medications offered via infusion and more people taking advantage of this option. When it comes to teaching patients how to manage this complex process, no one does a better job than Amber Specialty Pharmacy’s expert infusion team in Dallas, Texas.

Making a Positive Impact

Jennifer Klutka is a Clinical Staff Pharmacist at the Dallas infusion branch of Amber Specialty Pharmacy. After attending Ohio State University, she earned her Doctorate of Pharmacy at Creighton University.

Jennifer found her career path after job shadowing at a pharmacy in high school. She said, “The experience showed me how I could use my interest in math and science to make a positive impact on someone’s life.”

Infusion therapy can be a complicated course of treatment, and Jennifer has trained throughout her whole career to help patients through this process. A large part of this training deals with the drugs she dispenses and the numerous supplies and equipment required to administer medications and care for the patients’ IV access in the home.

She must also adhere to the strict guidelines regarding sterile compounding and aseptic techniques. Amber Specialty Pharmacy’s cleanrooms must be meticulously cleaned and be maintained at very specific environmental parameters.

Transition to Home Care

A large part of successful outpatient infusion therapy is helping patients make the transition from the hospital setting to the home setting. This is where Jennifer excels.

“I’m familiar with standard and nonstandard medication administration times, and I realize these schedules can be easily accommodated in the hospital with around-the-clock nursing care,” said Jennifer. “But I’ve found that some patients struggle to make these schedules work at home when they must administer the medications themselves. Helping them customize an infusion schedule for themselves can play an important role in improving adherence.”

Amber Specialty Pharmacy’s Patient-Centered Care

Jennifer is grateful to work for a company that makes overall patient care a high priority. Jennifer and the rest of the Dallas Amber Specialty Pharmacy staff monitor patient labs and medication levels, call each patient on a weekly basis and review patient care plans on a monthly basis.

Patients also have access to financial administrative assistance and the Promises Program, which offers customized wellness kits, including condition-specific educational materials and resources. All of this helps patients make the best choices regarding their healthcare.

“I believe in caring for patients the same way I’d want to be cared for if it were me or a family member,” said Jennifer. “Amber Specialty Pharmacy cares for the whole person. Sometimes they need financial or emotional support, and I don’t think they’d be able to find all of these things with just any other pharmacy. I think one of the most important things is to let them know we are always available to talk to them.”

Outside of the Office

Jennifer unwinds by swimming, working on projects around the house and spending time with her family. She also enjoys watching Netflix, including reruns of The Office. She was a TV star herself in college when the independent pharmacy she worked for filmed a commercial that ran on a local cable channel. Despite this shot at stardom, she never actually saw the ad.

Patient Referrals

Jennifer and the rest of the Amber Specialty Pharmacy Dallas team have the expertise to provide your patients with high-quality clinical care. Refer a patient today!

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