5 Apps Every Nurse Should Be Using

There’s no doubt about it, nurses are the backbone of healthcare facilities. Daily tasks can range from conducting exams to providing education to patients. Nurses must remain adaptive and educated on the advances in healthcare, all while continuing to give the absolute best in patient care. But sometimes it can be difficult to juggle it all.

Fortunately today there are many nursing-related apps available to help you stay on top of your game. Whether you are in your first year out of school or a veteran on the floor, nursing apps can be helpful tools throughout your career. 

We’ve pulled together a list of five apps every nurse should be using.

  • Medscape – Medical Directory
    Provides access to a medical directory, medical news, and a clinical reference library.
  • NurseGrid – Scheduling and Communication
    Developed by nurses to help manage the scheduling process. You can schedule across all worksites, view who’s on your shift, message other nurses, and more.
  • Classic Anatomy – Anatomy Quiz Game
    Challenge your friends and coworkers to a fun quiz game that will help you brush up on the basics.
  • Pill Identifier – Searchable Database of 24,000+ Medications
    Knowing what kind of medication a patient is taking is important for many reasons. With this app you can search for a medication by imprint, drug name, shape, and color.
  • MediBabble Translator – Translator for Non-English Speaking Patients
    A professional medical interpretation app for healthcare providers. This app was designed to improve the quality of care for non-English speaking patients.

Along with the support of these apps, you can read our blog on “Simple Ways to Build Trust Between Healthcare Providers and Patients” for tips to help you connect with your patients.

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