Monoclonal Antibody Therapies

The next step in the fight against COVID-19 is here.

What are Monoclonal Antibody Treatments?

Due to the evolving clinical nature of COVID-19 currently there is limited product availability. We are currently accepting a limited number of new patients for COVID-19 monoclonal antibodies. Patients are prioritized per the federal government guidelines. Please check back for updates.

Due to a nationwide shortage, we are only able to provide the monoclonal antibody treatments for patients living in the same state as the dispensing pharmacy location . Please visit our locations page to see if we are located in your state. If your prescriber has not sent a referral form, please contact your prescriber first.

Monoclonal antibody treatments are infused therapies proven safe and effective to the individuals most vulnerable to COVID-19. Amber Specialty Pharmacy offers two therapies available to individuals exposed to COVID-19, or who themselves have a confirmed case of COVID-19 and are at high risk.

REGEN-COV (casirivimab and imdevimab) is an Emergency Use Authorized (EUA) infusion treatment, shown to be effective in keeping COVID-19 infected patients out of the hospital. The FDA adds that this therapy is not a substitution for the vaccine. REGEN-COV is not approved for those already in the hospital for COVID-related reasons.

Bamlanivimab + etesevimab is a EUA monoclonal antibody infusion available to help fight COVID-19. Each therapy has the same eligibility criteria, although bamlanivimab + etesevimab is not approved for use prior to a positive COVID-19 test.

Sotrovimab is a monoclonal antibody treatment that has received the FDA’s emergency use authorization, or EUA, for the treatment of mild to moderate COVID-19 in adults and pediatric patients.

Monoclonal Antibody
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How to Receive Therapy

Patients interested in receiving monoclonal antibody treatment for COVID-19 need to contact a licensed practitioner for a prescription. Your healthcare provider will determine a) if you are eligible to receive this treatment and b) which therapy is appropriate for you.

The following form should be printed, completed by your doctor, and faxed to Amber Specialty Pharmacy.

Monoclonal Antibody Referral Form

If you are a Healthcare Provider

The recommended place to receive the drug is at home under the supervision of a home infusion nurse. Amber Specialty Pharmacy’s home-infusion capabilities and 50 state reach allow us to quickly meet the needs of high-risk patients across the country. We take care of the nursing coordination to provide at-home treatment.

If you think your patient is a candidate for a monoclonal antibody treatment, fax the following form to 855-370-0086

Monoclonal Antibody Form

or fill out the form below to get in contact with our team.

Healthcare Provider

General Questions

Monoclonal Antibodies, also referred to as mAb, are proteins made in a lab that copy our bodies’ natural infection-fighting proteins. They target the spike protein on the virus that causes COVID-19. Our immune system uses antibodies to fight off infections. This type of treatment is not new and has been helping people with varying conditions for 35 years.

Because SARS-CoV-2 is a new virus, our immune systems may not recognize the virus and fight it off. Monoclonal antibodies give our immune system a manmade version of the natural proteins. This helps your body fight the virus.

Antibody infusions have always helped treat autoimmune disorders and various cancers. Now they help with COVID-19, too. The antibodies are made of delicate proteins. During an infusion, a nurse safely administers a medication directly into our bloodstream. That's where it was designed to work at its best.

In patients who received monoclonal antibodies, COVID-19 hospital stays and deaths were reduced by as much as 70%. People exposed to the virus can reduce their chance of infection by 80%.

To reduce the severity of COVID-19 symptoms and reduce the need for going to the hospital.

Talk to your healthcare provider to see if you meet the criteria for treatment. Your healthcare provider will fill out a referral form for a prescription of the treatment that is right for you. Click here for the referral form.

There are strict eligibility requirements for the use of monoclonal antibodies to treat COVID-19. You must be 12 years of age or older, weigh at least 88 pounds, and be at high risk of developing severe COVID-19. Treatment must be taken within 10 days of symptom onset. Talk to your healthcare provider to see whether or not you meet the criteria.

Yes. If a vaccinated person were to develop a breakthrough case of COVID-19, they could be treated with monoclonal antibodies.

In our experience, there have been few side effects reported. Most side effects are not due to the treatment itself. Infusion and injection related side effects are often mild and may include bruising, soreness, itchiness, and swelling though some rare side effects can be serious. Talk to your doctor about any drug allergies or past adverse reactions.

The recommended places to receive treatment are at home with a home infusion nurse, pop up clinics, and provider suites. We will coordinate in-home nurse assistance for at-home treatment. Talk to your healthcare provider to get a prescription.

Yes, a prescription is needed. Under the Emergency Use Authorization status, there is no cost to the patient for the treatment itself. Administration costs related to providing the infusion may occur. Most patients will bear no cost for treatment

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